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How is my rollerblading? (HMD Post)

Comments, critique, or just plain unhappy with how I play Sakura? Leave comments here, and I will definitely take what you say into consideration! I do have to improve some how! :)

I made the option to comment anonymously, and to have all comments screened for your convenience!
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Need to Contact Me?

Player Contact Information:
Player Name: Cilo
Player Journal: ciloangel
Skype: Ciloha
Twitter: Ciloha
Plurk: Ciloha
AIM: CiloAngel00

I use Twitter and Skype most of the time! :)
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Application for Siren's Pull

Player Information

Name: Cilo/Sarah
Age: 23
AIM SN: CiloAngel00
Have you played in an LJ based game before? Yes, but only the one game. I’m still quite new!
Currrently Played Characters: N/A
Conditional: Activity Check Link: N/A

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